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Since 1937 Walt Disney and his team has been capturing the hearts of kids and families everywhere with their amazing animated films. I love Disney movies. No matter how old I get, I'll always love them.  Last night I watched Moana for the first time. I don't know what took me so long to see...probably life just getting in the way...but it was AMAZING. I loved the storyline and the music. It was just a really great movie. I started thinking about all the Disney movies I've seen over the years, and wondered if I had seen all of them. Turns out I have not. Since 1937, Walt Disney Animation Studios has released 56 animated movie between full features and animated shorts. Since I love making checklists, I researched the 56 movies and made the following graphic. The first Disney movie I ever saw was The Little Mermaid, and to this day , it's still my favorite Disney movie of all time. How many animated Disney movies have you watched? Let me know in the comments!


I've checked out the movies I've watched! Looks like I have some catching up to do!

*I do not claim ownership of the Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse pictures. Pictures were solely used for design and non-commercial purposes*
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Better late than never right? Here's my list of movies that I want to see this year! What films are you looking forward to watching this year? 


May 4th is officially Star Wars day because May the 4th sounds pretty similar to May the Force, and May the Force be with you is an iconic Star Wars saying.  There's an art gallery group in town called War'Hous and every year they put on a Star Wars festival the weekend of May 4th.  Somehow, I've been living in Houston for years now and have never attended this festival, so this year was my first time! I went with my friend Brittany from Pop Shop America.  The festival was held at a new event space in Houston called The Space HTX.  The Space HTX is conveniently located in Eado right next to one of my favorite restaurants; Tout Suite.  I arrived to the festival a little early and stopped in Tout Suite for a quick kolache. In full celebration of the Star Wars Festival, they had the above message on their chalkboard wall: May the Brunch be with you!

How cute is Brittany in her Boba Fett dress?
The premise of the Star Wars festival is for artists to take the theme of Star Wars and come up with unique and creative art installations that incorporate the theme.  I saw everything from a guitar that lights up with a death star in the middle, to Star Wars shot glasses. I was definitely in my element, because I love all things nerdy, and everyone there was a Star Wars fan. The booths were great because there was something for everyone. The artists were selling all of their artwork, which wasn't just Star Wars stuff, but a lot of it was nerdy. I tried to take as many pictures of cool artwork as I could! Check out some of the items below: 

I definitely bought a pair of lightsaber earrings. Since I own 2 red lightsabers, I bought a pair of the red lightsabers.

How cool are these metal Millennium Falcons? I also loved the Houston skyline signs.

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Photo from Reddit
A lot of people jumping on board the superhero movie franchises may not be 100% familiar with the background story of some of the characters. I was one who didn't read a single Wonder Woman comic, so I decided to do a little research before going to see the movie. I knew that somewhere in her history there's something to do with Amazons and Greek Gods. 

SPOILER ALERT: Some themes from the 2017 Movie are revealed below

Since comics are notorious for changing a character's origin story, I came across two storylines for Diana's history.  Diana Prince, aka Princess Diana of Themyscira, was created in 1941 by psychologist William Moulton Marston and artist Harry G. Peter.  According to wikipedia he was inspired by early feminists and his research assistant Olive Byrne, who just happened to be the daughter of Ethyl Byrne. Ethyl Byrne and her sister Margaret Sanger are credited with opening the first birth control clinic that later came to be known as Planned Parenthood.  Olive Byrne was William's mistress and lived with him and his wife...Go figure!?! I would NOT have been ok with this relationship or cohabitation, but apparently Elizabeth Marston was ok with it...ugh!

The original origin story of Diana has her sculpted from clay by the Queen of the Amazons, Hippolyta, and life was given to her by the Greek Gods.  I love the legends of the Amazons according to Greek Mythology. To me, Amazons were the original feminists. Fierce warriors who were hard to defeat in battle and didn't need men to survive.  I don't agree with using men as tools just to procreate, but that was the Amazon way. Men were a threat, and the sisterhood of the Amazons was an ironclad bond. I also like Amazons because Xena, Warrior Princess was my favorite show growing up and they featured a lot of Amazons on the show. Gabrielle ended up being Queen of the Amazons in later seasons! I loved the way the writers of Xena portrayed he Amazons. And again, Xena was another favorite show of mine because it was another female kicking butt! #TeamGirlPower!

The recent origin of Diana Prince has her being the daughter of Zeus, that was raised by the Amazons.  I just finished watching the 2017 film tonight and they have her origin as being the daughter of Hippolyta and Zeus officially making her a demigod and half-brother to Ares, God of War, who is the antagonist of the film.  Being a half-god and receiving intense training from the Amazons, Diana is a force to be reckoned with. She also wields a lasso of truth and what appears to be indestructible bracelets.   Wonder Woman's first standalone cover debuted in January 1942 under Sensation Comics.

For more on Wonder Woman History Read:

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It's no secret that I love movies. Movies AND TV shows are my way of escaping from reality.  I probably spend more time watching movies than any other activity. Whether it's going to the movies, or watching my favorites over and over again at home, movies are a past time of mine that I hope never goes away.  I love movies so much, that I've decided to embark on a journey to watch all of the movies on IMDB's Top 100 Movie List.   As I was compiling the below checklist, I was actually pleased to discover that I've watched quite a few of the movies! If you want to attempt the same goal just print out the below checklist. This is my first time trying to include a printable in a blog post, so please let me know if you have any issues. And if your curious which movies I've watched, keep scrolling to see my personal checklist so far!



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