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» » » » » » » » » » COMICPALOOZA 2016: Day 2 Recap - Part I

Day two of Comicpalooza was just as epic as day one, if not more. Since day two fell on a Saturday it was definitely more crowded and jammed packed with even more events! For day two I chose to wear my Flash T-shirt that I actually purchased at Comicpalooza last year. Whenever I wear my Flash T-shirt, I'm inspired to wear my red hair. It's because The Flash's uniform is red. I even topped it off with my favorite Revlon red lipstick! And my Deadpool press pass was the finishing touch!

I arrived pretty early on Saturday and kicked off the morning at the Camren Bicondova Q&A session. Camren plays Catwoman (or should I say catgirl?) on one of my favorite TV shows, Gotham.  I love her portrayal of Catwoman as a street-savvy street orphan.  She even moves like a cat, which she attributes to first being a dancer before getting into acting.  The Q&A became funny when a man dressed up as Deadpool asked her a question about dancing and then proceeded to showcase his own dance moves.  There were several amazing Q&A sessions on Day 2. My friends, Harry & Ashley attended the Lou Ferrigno Q&A session, and even got Lou to send a Happy Birthday message to Harry's father.  Unfortunately the Lou Ferrigno one was at the same time as the Carl Weather Q&A, and I made the choice to go see Apollo Creed, but I'm glad my friends were able to go to the other one! 

Watch Camren's Q&A Session below or on YouTube

After Camren's panel I headed into the "How to be a YouTuber" panel. YouTubers MissShadowLovely and CreepyPastaJr shared their tips for creating a successful YouTube channel.
Do you guys remember Eliza Dushku? Haha. If you were a Buffy the Vampire fan than you know her well. I actually remember her from the movie Bring It On with Kirsten Dunst!

Carl Weathers, who played Apollo Creed in the Rocky movies and starred in Happy Gilmore was also in town!
People were lined up to ask him some questions.
After Carl Weathers, I headed into the Why Sci-Fi Matters: When did the Force fall asleep, which was a panel of people discussing the new film and prequels.  I had a great time in this panel, chatting about what I hated about the prequels. It was great to be with my people to discuss mutual hatred of things! Haha. We also talked about how Episode 7, The Force Awakens was just like Episode 4. 

Shortly after the Star Wars panel, I ironically ran into this group of attendees dressed up as characters from the film.

How many spidermen does it take?

Black Widow and Winter Soldier


I swung by the Gaming center like I did last year to see all of the board games that were going on.

The library was awesome. You could check out a game and play it with friends!

The video game area was awesome! People were lined up to watch the players in the front play the games on the big screen.
New age Streetfighter! The game has definitely improved from the game I played as a kid!
I have a lot of content from Day 2, so I will split it with my content from Day 3 in one more post tomorrow!!!

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