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While I primarily focus on fashion with this blog, I do have other interests outside of the fashion industry.  My love of superheros, science-fiction and fantasy goes way back. I believe I can trace the start of it to my first viewing of Star Wars in 7th grade. This was around the same time we started a mythology section in English class and I started watching Hercules and Xena on TV.  I've been the epitome of a nerd every since!! When it comes time to "talk nerd", I'm in my element and nothing screams fangirl more than attending Comicpalooza.  Comicpalooza (CP) is Houston's very own Comic Convention and in it's 9th year, it was in  was in full swing last weekend.

I think nowadays a lot of people are familiar with comic conventions because they have become so much more than comics. If you aren't into comics, you probably have a favorite TV show or movie. Most popular TV shows send actors and actresses to cons to meet their fans, and the movie industry eats them up with advanced screenings of trailers and special announcements. The main con happens in San Diego every year and is known as San Diego Comic Convention. It's one of the hardest conventions to attend, so it's nice that most cities around the country host their own conventions. I lucked out this year that day one of Comicpalooza fell on my Friday off, so I was able to attend ALL 3 days!  I once again attended as press to be able to bring you all the best coverage from CP! I hope those of you that were following me on twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook enjoyed the live updates! Lisa Carey, my friend and blogger guru at Money Saving Parent and New Creative Media lead the charge in managing all of the bloggers and podcasters covering CP. She did an epic job as always!

Last year, I dressed up as Storm for Day 1, but this year I stuck to one of my many Star Wars T-shirts, and a lightsaber clipped to my belt. I arrived pretty early on Day 1; 30 minutes before the exhibitor floor opened. I already had my schedule picked out for the day.  CP creates a new app every year that you can download and save the events that you want to attend making it easy to create a schedule. There were so many things to do; from panels, to Q&A sessions with celebrities, Quidditch matches, even laser tag! It was hard to fit everything in, but I was able to do a lot across the span of 3 days!  My first photos of the day were in the Blogger/Podcaster room of some of my fellow colleagues dressed in pretty epic Star Wars shirt! I roamed around snapping pictures of different attendees dressed up in costumes before heading to my first panel of the day.
I love these shirts! I was not there at the start of Star Wars, but I got on board as soon as I could! Haha!
I loved this Robin duo! I used to watch the Adam West Batman show on TV Land! Hahaha. I loved that show!
Gal Gardot's Wonder Woman costume was a huge hit throughout the weekend.
Did you guys get to watch Zootopia earlier this year? It was such a cute movie! I loved the underlying issues that the movie addressed, and I thought the fox Nick Wild and the Bunny Judy Hopps were too cute. These are great costumes. 

Once the exhibit hall opened. I headed in there to check out the celeb area to see what guests were planned to be on the scene.

I spotted Jeff Timmons from 98 degrees being interviewed. If you grew up in the 90s than you know all about the craze that was boy bands. I'll talk more on why Jeff Timmons was at Comicpalooza later in this post!
My first panel of the day was hosted by Astronaut Sharon Walker. She talked to us about her time prepping (for 3 years) to travel to the International Space Station, and share stories about her time on the station. I'm fascinated with space and being an astronaut. It was a great session!
The pod that Shannon and her fellow astronauts rode to come back to earth after their stint on the International Space Station.
Watch my video clips from the Dead 7 Panel below or here on YouTube.

After Shannon Walker's chat I headed to the Dead 7 panel. Dead 7 is a movie thought of by Backstreet Boys' Member Nick Carter. The cast features members from all of the popular boy bands of the 90s. A few of the cast members came to Comicpalooza and that's how Jeff Timoons was there. He was there along with Erik Estrada from O-Town, AJ Mclean from Backstreet Boys, and Chris Kirkpatrick from N*Sync.
I remember when all of these bands were at their peak, and at the time I never would have been able to be this close to them during that time! Not it was so cool sitting several feet away from them in the first row asking them questions and having casual conversation! They were all super funny! I plan on putting some video clips together from all of the panels I attended, so stay tuned.

Erik, AJ, Chris, & Jeff

At the Dead 7 panel, a girl dressed up as Nyan cat came through. Here costume was pretty awesome.
On my way to the next event I ran into Scarlett With and another character from my childhood, Chun-Li from the Streetfighter game! These ladies' costumes were great!
J-Fashion in the style of Lolita were super popular throughout the weekend as well.
For my last panel of the day, I stopped by the Tara Reid Q&A. Again it was crazy to see some of these celebrities so close! I remember Tara obviously from American Pie. She spoke to us about how amazed she is that the Sharknado movies have gone viral!

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Shalanda is an Engineer by Day, Fashionista by Night and Fangirl 24/7! She created this blog to share her love of all things nerdy. For Shalanda's fashion blog please visit Live Life in Style
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