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» » » » » REVIEW: X-Men Apocalypse

When it comes to the X-Men movies, I like the revamped films that start with X-Men: First Class way better than the original films.  First Class was an excellent movie, and Days of Future Past was even better. In fact, X-Men: Days of Future Past is my favorite Marvel movie of all time.  There are a lot of movies and TV shows that try to tackle time travel. They typically tackle it in some convoluted manner.  As an Engineer, and someone who's obsessed with all things Science, I find myself spending a lot of time wrapping my head around how they did time time travel in some of these movies, with no resolution.  However, Days of Future Past does it in the most simple way possible, and it makes sense. Days of Future Past basically resets the story for all the X-Men after Mystique changes her actions in 1974. I like how it's an official reboot, and will allow the X-Men movies to re-do everyone's origins. 

The next film after Days of Future Past is the recent movie; Apocalypse.  I had the pleasure of viewing Apocalypse at an advance screening hosted by my blogger friend Valerie and her company, Improving. The screening was held at Studio Movie Grill at Houston's City Centre. Before I went into viewing Apocalypse, I heard some negative things about it. I never take these ramblings to heart. I always go in with an open mind.  I liked Apocalypse. Was it a super excellent movie? No. Is it my favorite out of the three recent X-Men movies? No, but it was still a decent film. Check out my takeaways below:

1. Apocalypse's Costume - For someone who is supposed to be ominous, I had a hard time taking him seriously in that get-up.  Not every comic book costume translates well to the big screen. And apparently it doesn't translate at all, since it looks like they created an entire new costume for Apocalypse. His outfit in the comics is more ominous than what Oscar Isaac donned in the movies. The scene where he's fighting Charles in their minds and he becomes giant, I started snickering. I had to quickly stifle laughing out loud. 

Comicbook Apocalypse - Photo Cred: Wikipedia
Movie Apocalypse  - Photo Cred: Entertainment Weekly
2. Magneto - Not the character, just the same arc, over and over again. Magneto goes off the deep end and Charles with the help of Mystique have to work to bring him back. It's been the story in all 3 movies now. I've seen it enough already. Erik's never 100% going to be on board with Professor X's ways.

3. Cheesy Moments - I realize this is an X-Men movie, but does the X have to be everywhere? The scene in which Magneto decides to become good again and he throws the steel I-beams down in the shape of an X....I literally rolled my eyes. 

1. The Quicksilver scene - This scene was awesome. I love the more comical portrayal of Quicksilver in X-Men than the brooding Quicksilver in Avengers 2. 

2. Magneto's family - I love that Magneto had a family, and that his little girl had mutant powers as well. It was pretty predictable that something was going to happen to them tho...What else would be the reason that he lights the "hatred of human" fire again?

3. James McAvoy - I think he's an amazing actor and does such a good job playing a young Charles Xavier across all 3 movies. 

5. Storm - I really liked the girl they picked to play Storm. She's a good actress. She does a good job of playing the naive girl, but in the end being able to reconcile her actions and see the error of her ways.  

6. Opening Sequence - The opening sequence of this movie was pretty awesome. The affects with the Egyptians trying to kill Apocalypse before he can complete his transference into a new body were stellar. I love the falling through the earth scene as the pyramid collapsed around them.

Wolverine - The last we see of Wolverine in the 70s is that he was picked up by a Mystique disguised as William Stryker in Days of Future Past.  Somehow the new Wolverine movie will need to come back and fill in how Logan goes from this to being Weapon X under Stryker's control....Of course there's also the end credit scene that gives reference to Essex Corp and may also be an answer to the gap. 

Again, I think the movie was decent. They did a good job of bringing in the other characters that we know so well: Ororo Munroe/Storm, Jean Grey/Phoenix, Scott Summers/Cyclops. It was cool to see Nightcrawler as a kid and see Beast again. I think they went a little too far with the Mystique as a hero bit and I'm over the same Magneto story. It would have been better had Quicksilver told Erik that he was his son. That would have been exciting to see Magneto's reaction. I would rate this movie 3/5.

Did you like X-Men Apocalypse? What parts of the movie did you love, and what parts did you not like?

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