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Credit: Tvline

It's no secret that The Flash became my favorite TV show during it's first season. I really, really loved it and all of it's cheesy elements.  The Flash was the lighter superhero show on the CW, but it had a very heavy overall story arc with the reveal of Harrison Wells as Eobard Thawne/Reverse Flash and the murder of Barry's mother. I appreciated the plot twist and the unraveling of clues leading to the team suspecting Harrison Wells. The ending of Season 1 was so epic with Eddie sacrificing himself for the greater good. I cried.  The cliffhanger at the end with the singularity was a great end to a TV show, because it left you wanting more and anxiously waiting the start of Season 2.  

Season 2 started off well enough.  I liked the fact that they didn't rush into making Barry and Iris a couple; that they actually gave her time to move on from loosing Eddie. At the end of the day, even if she loved the both of them, she still loved Eddie and I would have been really disappointed if they rushed into shipping Barry and Iris.  I thought it was cool how Wally West was introduced into the storyline. Now the TV show has featured 3 out of 4 Flashes: Jay Garrick, Barry Allen, & now Wally West. The element that I loved the best about Season 2 was Zoom.  The very first introduction of Zoom on the Flash he was scary.  He looked intimidating, and utterly unstoppable.  A show can't ask for a greater villain than an unstoppable force.  I think the writers did a great job with writing in Zoom. I also appreciated the character plot twist for Zoom, even though it seemed very similar to Season 1 with the trusting someone who wasn't who they said they were, but it kept us on our toes. 

Where I feel Season 2 fell apart was Episode 18 titled Versus Zoom. In this Episode Zoom/Hunter Zoloman kidnaps Wally. In exchange for Wally's life Zolomon wants the Flash to give up his speed. And while I understand that Barry, being the selfless person that he is, would give up his speed to save another human being, especially his "pseudo" brother and family to Iris and Joe what I don't understand is why he didn't trick Zolomon.  He had Zolomon hanging out right there in Star Labs. He could have pretended to hand over his speed, catch him off guard and slam in in one of the holding cells downstairs, but no....we just watch Barry hand over his speed leaving him vulnerable.  He's the only one who even stands a fighting change to stop Zoom and yet he gives up his only weapon....It's unfathomable and stupid.  

The episodes seem to go downhill from there. The Speed Force episode was a huge reach for me. It dragged and dragged.  I was getting frustrated with the speed force not being clear with what they wanted from Barry. Why was it being so cryptic? Just say what you mean!  Zoom killing Barry's Dad was 100% predictable.  As soon as he said he wanted to stay around to be in Barry's life more I knew he was going to be killed. Plus we needed to kick Barry back into fighting mode, and what better way to do that than kill another one of his parents...cliche, but most superheros lose a loved one at some point that triggers their skills or need to be able to protect themselves and the ones they love. 

The worst episode of the Season was the finale. That very anticlimatic finale.  I could not believe that the build up of Zoom and the downfall of Zoom led to a race.  And while it was cool that Barry sacrificed his speed mirage to defeat Zoom it was still very anticlimatic to me. I wanted Barry to be forced to take out Zoom. I didn't want the reapers to come and get him.  I feel like Zoom killed Barry's Dad, it was only right for Barry to be able to take him out. However, I guess that goes against Barry not killing anyone.  The only redeeming moment of the finale was the last scene in which Barry makes the decision to go back in time and save his mother.  

This decision will ultimately affect everyone's timelines, and based on the trailer for Season 3 that debuted at Comic Con there will definitely be consequences. I'm willing to give The Flash another change in Season 3. I really hope they turn it around!

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