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Hopefully by now, everyone has seen Captain America: Civil War. If not, then you won't want to read any further because there are definitely spoilers in this post.  I'm fairly new to the Marvel Universe fandom. Growing up as a DC girl, I didn't know a lot about the Marvel characters until I watched Iron Man. Then after The Avengers movie, I wanted to learn more about each Avenger.  I came out of my learnings with Captain American being my favorite! I love his story arc, of going from a scrawny kid who was always beat up, to a super soldier and defender of the meek. He always seems to do what's right for his fellow men, and willing to sacrifice himself and what he wants for the greater good. All admirable qualities!

So its no secret that I was #TeamCap going into the movies without much research into what Civil War would fully entail. I researched Civil War in the comics and the comic debate was whether superheroes should register under the Superhero Registration Act and give up their identities. In Civil War the movie the debate is on whether or not the Avengers should sign the Sokovia Accords. The Accords are presented to the team at Avengers headquarters by Secretary of State Ross after civilian casualties occurred during their botched mission in Lagos against Crossbones. The Accords would force the Avengers to report to and be controlled by the UN.  The UN thinks this will help decrease civilian casualties and appease the age-old question of who gives jurisdiction to the Avengers to act?
Scene in the film where Secretary Ross is presenting the Accords to the Avengers.
The movie paints a clear picture of why Captain America is against the accords and why Iron Man is willing to sign.  Cap doesn't want to be controlled by organizations with hidden agendas, or not be able to fight when they fill they need too. Tony is filling guilty for the loss of civilian life that has occurred, and he wants to do less Avenging, for Pepper.  He thinks this is the best way to come to some middle ground.  Black Widow sees it as a means to a better end. Sacrifice a little not to prevent something more stringent happening later.  I actually see both sides of the coin. One of Captain America still being apprenhensive of governments due to the Hydra/Shield debacle, and Tony's for wanting less responsibility when it comes to loss of life and destruction.  However, even at this moment I was still Team Captain America.  I was fairly annoyed when he took it upon himself to once again "rescue" Bucky, but I'd expect nothing less from Cap.

Cap is always #TeamBucky
It wasn't until the last 30 minutes of Civil War that I switched to Team Iron Man.  Without retelling the entire movie, Bucky and Cap take off on a mission to stop Baron from releasing 5 other "Bucky-esque" assassins.   After reviewing the facts, Iron Man decides that Cap was right about Bucky and goes to meet up with Cap and Bucky to help them. Baron of course has set them up and shows all three of them a video that shows Bucky killing Tony's parents; Howard and Maria Stark.  There's a brief pause after they view the film before Tony tries to go after Bucky. Cap restrains him and Tony grills him about if he knew that Bucky had killed his parents. It's at this moment where I switched teams. Instead of trying to understand why Tony would be upset discovering that his parents were actually murdered instead of dying in a car accident, Cap goes right in on defending Bucky. 

Yes, we all know that Bucky wasn't himself....but he still killed Tony's parents. I'm trying to think of how must people would react to this news. Not to mention at the beginning of the movie we watched Tony talked to students at MIT about how he can't go back to the last day that he saw his parents the tell them how much he loved them. I felt the weight of that burden watching this scene. Knowing that Tony has had to live with this remorse all his life, and then to find out that his parents were purposely taken from him? It definitely made me mad. I can understand why Tony goes after Bucky in this moment.  I hate that Cap is so focused on protecting Bucky, like Bucky is his only friend in the room. I've watched Civil War 4 times now and each time, I still feel the emotions of this scene. Tony trying to kill Bucky, Cap trying to save Bucky. When Iron Man cuts Bucky's arm off, the fighting gets so intense between Cap and Iron Man that they almost kill each other. I almost tear up on these scenes. I feel so bad for Tony. Not only did he just find out that his parents were murdered, but Cap has known the entire time and never told him, and then when he finds out, Cap does what he always does, takes Bucky's side. I can't get with Cap on this and his lack of sympathy for Iron Man.  

My change to Team Iron Man has nothing to do with the Accords. It has to do with Cap appearing callous and uncaring of his OTHER friends. Yes other friends. He was also friends with Howard Stark.  Let's not forget who made him that vibranium shield. Howard spent time trying to find Cap's ship in the ice but fast forward 70+ years later, and he's just ok with Bucky murdering him? Are you kidding? And he doesn't seem to care about Tony at all. Everything is always about Bucky with no regards to anyone else.  At the end of Civil War I leave the movie on the side of Iron Man. 

What are your thoughts? Are you Team Captain America or Team Iron Man?

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