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When our powers combine....ooops! That's from another show.  Yes, it's finally happened folks. Instagram has become the new Snapchat...but will you get on board? As a blogger, I use a plethora of social media apps to promote my blogs and my brand.  It is very, VERY cumbersome to keep up with all of them.  My first blog, Live Life in Style, has been on social media for years, and I'm just now introducing Shasie's Nerdy World to the same world. With Live Life in Style I have to do so many things to get different types of coverage for all the apps: Curated photos for Instagram, raw photos for my personal Facebook page, statuses for twitter, raw videos for Snapchat, and then another video for Facebook live when I choose to go live. It's a lot of work.  

However, I do have a favorite social media app and that is Snapchat.  I'm a very open book, keeping it real type of person. I don't like having to overthink the things that I post. I like that my readers can see and know the real me at all times. Yes I love a gorgeous photo just as much as the next person, but I don't need to have a perfect photo posted on my accounts at all time, and that is why I love Snapchat.

A few weeks ago, Instagram introduced "Insta-stories", which is basically Snapchat for Instagram. At first I didn't know how I felt about this new update.  I felt confused, and guilty. I felt like I was cheating on Snapchat! Over time I've decided that I will still use both of the apps. Each one has pros and cons.

1. Being able to choose who sees your feed from the beginning.  I can add people to my feed that I want too. On instagram, there's way too many people that can see my feed. I don't mind random people seeing my feed, but I care who's feed I see. I want to curate the people's feeds I want to like

2. Faceswap - Faceswap is just so much fun!

3. Filters - Yes Instagram has some filters, but they don't have the cool face filters that Snapchat has

4. Geofilters - Being able to create your own filter is a pretty nice tool for Snapchat users. Especially for people like me who occasionally host events.

5. Sending stories to overall stories. For example on holidays, you can send your snaps to the overall Snapchat holiday story and view others from around the world.

6. News feature - I like the world news, and updates features of Snapchat. Instagram does not have this for either the Instastories, nor the curated feeds.

1. Everything in one place. If I want to snap a raw video and a curated pic, I can do it all in one app without switching back and forth.

2. Ease of viewing stories. I hate that Snapchat upgraded to an continuous flow feed. I liked when I could easily pick the users that I wanted to view. Instastories is a continuous feed also, but it's faster to go back to the home page and scroll for people I actually want to view than on Snapchat.

3. Longer videos - The length of an Instastory video is longer than a Snapchat snap!

Which one do you like better?  Are you going to use both?

About Shalanda Turner

Shalanda is an Engineer by Day, Fashionista by Night and Fangirl 24/7! She created this blog to share her love of all things nerdy. For Shalanda's fashion blog please visit Live Life in Style
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