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Ahhhhh....Star Trek...hmmm...what to say about this film? Let me start off by saying I'm not a Trekkie. Star Trek came out before I was born, and it was one of those shows that I'd catch on re-runs every now and then on TV, but I never really, REALLY got into it. At least not the the way other fans have embraced the series.  I say this to prelude my review, because it's totally going to be written from an avid movie goer perspective versus a die-hard Star Trek fan, so please keep that in mind. Having that said, even though I wasn't a big fan of the TV Show I LOVE the new films. I thought the first reboot Star Trek movie that came out in 2009 was a great movie.  I really loved it and it's because of that movie that my interested peeked in Star Trek.

Based on my love for the first Star Trek movie, I was really excited for the second one: Into the Darkness. Into the Darkness was good, but not as great as the first film, but I still liked it. However, I was sort of disappointed with Star Trek: Beyond.  The plot flopped for me a little bit.  It was hard to understand a lot of the dialogue, and I left the Theater still not understanding what happened to villain of the story. The video clip of him was bad audio so I had to infer what happened, but I had to google a synopsis of the movie to fully understand what I just watched. If I have to look up what happened in a movie after watching it, than I think the movie doesn't translate well.  I also thought the filming of the movie was wayyyy too shaky. I started to get a headache with the camera shakes and all the spin in and spin outs of the camera. I guess they were trying to go for theatrical genius, but it really just made me dizzy.

Chris Pine does a great job again as Captain Kirk. I think he's a really great actor. I didn't really appreciate the Jayla character.  The movie overall really made me think of Star Wars. Jayla would be Rey. Another character who is stranded somewhere, but magically knows how to fight! Ha! I always love that. How did you become a fighting guru with no one around?  Maybe I just need to know more about her backstory.  Is she a main Star Trek character? Does she show up in the TV show? The ongoing on and off romance between Spock and Uhura is a little repetitive. Bones definitely keeps the comedy in the movie and adds a lighter laughable element to the film, which is refreshing. He always brings that aspect to the Star Trek films.  I appreciated what they did with Mentor Spock's character and had him leave a photo of the original Star Trek TV show crew in a picture for Spock. That was cool. It basically showed that that universe definitely happened separate from the new timeline that Spock and Kirk are now on.

I thought overall the film was definitely entertaining. The special effects were really cool and I loved the scene with the bees. They were pretty intimidating the massive amount of them. I was very curious to how they were going to defeat that army...or should I say swarm. The music was a fun part of the film. The weapon was even pretty cool with it's biological destructive power. It actually made me think of that one weapon that they use in the TV Show Agents of Shield that turns people into dust.  I also like how they showed Sulu as a gay character. I don't think it was necessary to the overall storyline, but it's great that more and more of Hollywood is embracing that lifestyle.

What did you think of the movie? Did you like it?

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