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It's no secret that I'm a cat lady.  While I'm a lover of all pets, cats hold a special place in my heart because I grew up with cats at my parent's house.  And what's not to love about cats? After all they're the number one pet in America! Cats differ from dogs because they have multiple personality types based on each breed, and sometimes their personality types differ daily! I currently own 2 cats, one ~2 yr old Tortoiseshell and a 3 yr old Ragdoll. They are lovingly named CoCo and Chanel (I'm also crazy about fashion, and blog about it on my other blog, Live Life in Style).  Over the last few months, I've been dealing with a medical issue, so I've been a bit bored stuck at home, so I started checking out some of my favorite cat accounts on Instagram! From cute videos to adorable photos, these accounts will keep you smiling all day long!!!

Cheese & Olive
Who doesn't love Abyssinians? They have such pretty coloring.

Nala Cat
Who doesn't love this siamese/tabby mix. Her face is so round! She even has a stuffed pillow made after her!

White Coffee Cat
Mr. White lives in the same home as Nala. Unfortunately he has feline leukemia, but is undergoing treatments. I love his little round face! I'm hoping that he has a full recovery!

Hamilton the Hipster Cat
I can't imagine a more handsome cat than this little guy with his natural mustache!!!! I love following his accounts!

Venus Cat
Now this is a fantastic looking cat! I've never seen a cat like this! I love her two halves and two different color eyes!

Guys with Cats
It used to be taboo that men would have cats over dogs, but times have changed! Men are becoming more and more confident with their love of feline furbabies, and this account shows just how much!

Kitten  x Lady
I love accounts that focus on rescuing animals. This lady Hannah rescues orphans!

Black Jaguar White Tiger
Another account focusing on the rescue of animals. This one features big cats! I love big cats...from a distance! 

Coco & Chanel
This one is my new account that I created for my furbabies! I would love for all 

About Shalanda Turner

Shalanda is an Engineer by Day, Fashionista by Night and Fangirl 24/7! She created this blog to share her love of all things nerdy. For Shalanda's fashion blog please visit Live Life in Style
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  1. SO adorable! I love cats too! Currently trying to get my Eloise and my roommate's Jude to get along

  2. I love Coco and Chanel have their own Instagram accounts! Going to follow now!

  3. Kittiessss!!! I'm so glad I got to meet Chanel! She is the cutest thing ever! Thanks for sharing the "Kitty Instagrams," I'll have to check them out.

  4. Well this is just super adorable! You should do this for dogs too! lol


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