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2016 did not disappoint with its release of blockbuster movies.  At the beginning of the year, I created a 2016 movie watchlist.  The list did not include every film that was scheduled to come out in 2016, but a list of movies that I was personally interested in. I managed to see a lot of the films on my list.   The movies highlighted in blue below managed to escape my viewership last year, but I still plan to watch them at some point! My top 8 movie ranking is personal and should by no means be taken as an expert movie review! I rank my love of movies on how they make me feel and how much I want to watch them over and over again!

Assassins Creed
Batman v. Superman
Captain America: Civil War
Doctor Strange
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Finding Dory
The Junglebook
Magnificent Seven
Now you See Me 2
The Secret Life of Pets
Star Trek: Beyond
Suicide Squad
Underworld: Blood Wars
X-Men: Apocalypse

When it came time to pick my top 8 movies from 2016, I had a hard time reaching 8. I originally wanted to do 10, but stopped the struggle at 8.  When choosing a number 1 movie, I couldn't compare the films directly against each other, because they were all so different. So as I mentioned previously, I based my list on how I felt after watching said movie. Did it stay with me? Did I want to watch it over and over again? Would I want to own the film when it was released for purchase? Basically, did it have a lasting impact on me? Based on this assessment, I was able to pick out my top 8.  If you had asked me for this list earlier in the year, I would told you that Captain America: Civil War was my all-time favorite film of 2016. However, Civil War did not finish at the top. It finished in second.  Check out my ranking below:

#1 - My number 1 movie from 2016 was hands down, without a doubt Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Now you may think I'm biased because I recently saw this film and it's still fresh in my head, compared to the movies I watched earlier this year. However, that is NOT why this movie bumped Civil War out of the top spot.  After I watched Civil War, I was very emotional.  I was Team Iron Man at the end, feeling the anger that Tony Stark would have experienced finding out that his parents were taken from him on purpose.  But Rogue One struck a chord deep withing that took me back to my childhood. I became a HUGE Star Wars fan in 7th grade. My friend Kala introduced me to the films when her and her Dad took me to view the digitally remastered version of The Return of the Jedi. ROTJ instantly became my favorite movie and the rest was history.

Soon after viewing ROTJ I rented A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back. I watched these movies on repeat. I knew the dialogue and scenes off by heart. I purchased the soundtracks and I knew what scene went with different parts of the score (That's how much I watched these films). Watching Rogue One brought all of the magic back for me of watching these films for the first time. It connected so many dots to the beginning of Episode 4.  It was a great standalone film! I actually like that there wasn't a lot of force use, outside of use by Vader. It also was very impactful to me that they all died. What a sacrifice to give your life for the greater good! 

#2 - Captain America Civil War  - If it hadn't been for Rogue One, Captain America would have easily cleaned house in the number 1 spot.  I've literally watched this movie 100 times from the time it was released, including 4 times in the movie theater.  I just loved the story line and all of the super heroes. It was fun to see the new Spiderman and Ant-Man in the film.  I also have a huge crush on Chris Evans so that was an added bonus. I also like the fact that the villain wasn't your typical super villain type. He was definitely crafty, but his dislike of superheros came from their own mistakes which is actually the basis of why they end up in conflict to begin with.  There were twists, and I really like that the superheroes really had to look inside to pick whose side they wanted to be on! 

#3 - Fantastic Beasts - Ohhhhh this movie was good...REALLY freaking good. I was a tad skeptical going into it. How could a movie that was set in Harry Potter world stand up to audience approval without the Harry Potter characters that we've come to love so much....well it did.  J.K. Rowling is just a genius with her imagination. I was enthralled with this story. The beasts were sooo cute! My favorite was the Bowtruckle.  I loved the twist at the end with Grindewald parading around as Percival Graves. As soon as I heard the name Grindewald I felt my mind spinning trying to remember why that name was so familiar! I finally remembered latered that Grindewald and Dumbledore were at one point friends and both on the hunt for The Deathly Hallows. I just love making connections between movies! And to finish it off...Eddie Redmayne is a fantastic, absolutely superb actor!

#4 - Zootopia - This movie was so good and not for the reasons that you probably think one would pick. I liked it because it had some really, REALLY deep themes that are current in today's climate: Stereotyping, prejudice, etc. It was such an impactful storyline that basically displayed the human condition through the use of animals. I admit that the themes hit home pretty hard. I teared up 6 times throughout this movie. Plus bunnies are my second favorite animals after cats, and Judy Hopps was soooo adorable! There were so many funny lines in this movie as well!

#5 -  The Jungle Book was surprisingly good. I admit that I was ALSO skeptical about this film after the disaster that was Disney's Maleficent. I was convinced that Disney should leave well enough alone and stop redoing the classics. However, the live-action jungle book was amazing.  The CGI animals looked awesome. I really fell in love with the wolf pups! They were so cute!!! Shere-Khan was absolutely terrifying and everything in between made this a really amazing movie. If you haven't seen it yet, you need to!

#6 - Deadpool - This movie was hilarious!! I love that they continued Deadpool's tradition of breaking the 4th wall.  It was every bit of raunchy and funny as I thought it would be. And even with the comical parts it was very sad in some parts.  Ryan Reynold's definitely redeemed himself from The Green Lantern with this one!

#7 - Doctor Strange - The effects in Doctor Strange were epic.  Benedict Cumberbatch WAS Dr. Strange. The film felt a little rushed near the end, but overall I think it held up pretty good with the other Marvel Studio films.  My favorite scene? The end-credit scene with Thor and Doctor Strange together!

#8 - X-Men: Apocalypse:  This movie comes in last for several reasons.  I was a bit disappointed with Apocalypse. His costume and makeup just made me laugh. I wanted him to be more menacing. He looks way more menacing in the comic books.  I loved the special effects in this movie, and I'm a big fan of James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender in their recurring roles of Professor X and Magneto.  I also thought the girl who played young Storm was really good as well!

What were your favorite films from 2016?

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